Hair Coloring: 10 Important Rules


Hair coloring is a rather challenging treatment, and it is much better to leave it to the knowledgeable hands of an elegance master.

However, if you require to do dyeing yourself in your home– for example, to tint the regrown hair origins– try to consider a number of crucial rules.

1. Paints with ammonia– not for grey hair. Aggressive hair dyes are used to achieve an intricate shade as well as aesthetically add volume to the hair. With constant usage, they create hair to lose its natural pigment faster. If you simply require to repaint over grey hair or completely alter the color of your hair by dyeing it in 1 tone, find ideal paint without ammonia.

2. Hair should be reasonably clean. Do not wash them right prior to staining. However, it is likewise not essential to apply paint to dirty hair with the remains of styling items. Preferably, if you washed your hair the day previously as well as did not use after that conditioner-conditioner, hair spray, mousse, or gel.

3. Recipes for paint dilution need to be ceramic, plastic, or glass. Wooden will certainly be repainted. Iron misbehaves not only due to the fact that it influences the high quality and also homes of the dye. The compounds that form when the paint reacts with the steel are harmful to the hair itself.

4. Consider the temperature level. Remember just how we normally put a hand on our forehead to inspect exactly how warm it is? Along the entire borderline of hair development, body temperature level is higher than at the back of the head. Where it is warmer, the chemical reaction throughout staining is quicker. So the hair on the top of the head will certainly color extra gradually than the temple.

5. Policies for using paint: split the hair into 4 fields. To do this, attract two vertical partings via the crown. Repaint first along the parting. Then to the rear of the head. The boundary line of hair growth (behind the ears, above the temple, holy places, neck) is repainted last.


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