How to Grow Mushrooms From Old Mushroom Stem Butts


Normally when it pertains to growing mushrooms, one of the most essential thing that you will require to begin with is the Dried mushroom spawn itself – this is what the mushrooms grow from, so it is a crucial active ingredient. Without it, it would certainly be like trying to grow an apple tree without the apple pip – its never ever likely to function. Usually the mushroom spawn will certainly be particularly produced by a mycologist, and will typically contain some sort of grain that has been impregnated with mushroom mycelium (mycelium is what the mushrooms originate from).

You can produce your own mushroom generate numerous means, however what most people do not realise is that you can actually grow your own mushrooms from old stem butts, enabling you to re-use old mushrooms as well as start your very own cycle of mushroom cultivation.

All that you require to do is to remove a small area of the mushroom stem butt, no larger then an inch long. It is important to attempt and also make use of the bottom of the stem, with the spheric part of the stem intact (this component is normally gotten rid of before preparing the mushroom for cooking and for packaging prior to being marketed in stores). Nevertheless if you have already expanded a few of your very own mushrooms from some sort of generate then you will have no worry acquiring the healthiest selection of stem butts. You can still attempt making use of the originate from shop-brought mushrooms, yet you might not have as much success.

It is necessary stating that not all mushrooms have this stem growth capability, and there are just a couple of varieties that are recognized to be able to re-spawn from their stems. These consist of Oyster mushrooms (Pleutrous Ostreatus), Sunshade mushrooms, Morels, Royal prince, and many more.

All you require to do is get rid of an area of the stem butts, and obtain some corrugated cardboard. Soak the cardboard and after that attempt to peel it in half, to ensure that the paper is as slim as feasible. Next, lay the carboard on a surface as well as position a few of the stem butts on top. Try and leave around 6 inches of cardboard per stem butt. Cover the stems with the rest of the corrugated cardboard and afterwards re-soak for a couple of minutes. Location the folded pieces of cardboard right into an old box – cardboard, timber, or anything else that will certainly keep the box moist, and afterwards put it in an unethical position in your yard prior to covering it with leaves.

What will certainly occur is that the mycelium will begin to expand with the pieces of cardboard, from the stem butts, utilizing the materials in the cardboard as a food (mushrooms naturally grow on timber and so cardboard is optimal to make use of and is much easier to break down). After a couple of months you will certainly have your very own cardboard spawn, and also you can either utilize this to expand mushrooms on more cardboard, or you can blend this cardboard spawn with straw, producing an outside bed or mushroom patch, or you can try as well as move the generate to other substratums.

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