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Pedram Amanzadeh started his professional activity in Tehran with the cooperation of Azhandshahr Consulting Engineers, Emarat Khorshid Consulting Engineers and Peyman Ghadir Consulting Engineers. After that, he established his personal architecture office and started his activity with the projects of Royan Park Nowshahr Residential Recreational Tourist Town, Pardis Residential Tower of Zaferanieh, Elahieh Paradise Residential Tower of Tehran, 750-person conservatory of Baghmisheh of Tabriz and many other valuable projects such as

Palladium Tehran commercial official recreational and servical project. After completing the Palladium project, he established Vista Vision Sapra Consulting Engineers in the field of architecture and interior design. And he continued his professional activity as the founder and CEO of this company with projects of Lake Complex, Commercial and multi-floor car parks under Lake of Iran Mall of Tehran and Pasargad modern house commercial and entertainment project in Mashhad in the form of Vista Vision Sapra Consulting Engineers Co.

Palladium Mall

Commercial, Official, Sportive, Services, Recreational

Pedram Amnzadeh is the architect and interior designer of this project and he also supervised the execution.

This complex with a base of 10000 m^2 and 21 floors in the southern block and 18 floors in the northern block, has been constructed on trapezoidal land with an area of about 8800 m^2 in the north of Tehran. According to the location of the ground with a slope of about 10 percent along 100 meters in the north-south direction, the designer (Pedram Amnzadeh) has used this potential of level difference to create different accesses for pedestrians and riders for different users. To control the traffic that the complex will create in the area, six exits and entrances were created to access the parking lots from the surrounding street and this can prevent heavy traffic jams and people can access the mall properly. Two plots of land were purchased annexed to the project’s land to facilitate access to the surrounding streets.It was a clever idea that was done with the help of Pedram Amanzadeh.

Food Court of Palladium Mall

It is on the half floors of the second of the third and a half floors of the third of the south block. By two electric road slopes on the east and west sides of the odditorium space, our movement relationship is established between the food court of the third floor of the north block to the third floor of the south block of the complex. The project is important because of the crowd gathering in the food court space and the value-enhancing to the third commercial floor of the southern block. In addition to vertical access by escalators from the lower floors, it provides a horizontal connection to dispatch the population to this floor from the food court and from there by escalator to other detached floors of the southern block. The project was managed by Pedram Amandzadeh intelligent management.

Pasargad Modern Home Mall

Pasargad Modern Home Mall

This is the largest specialized shopping mall in the interior design of furniture and decoration in Iran. The Pasargad Modern Home Mall is located in Mashhad and Pedram Amnzadeh is the project manager and interior designer of that. The exterior of the modern house complex of Pasargad has been designed with special attention to turquoise stone as the symbol of the east of the country and inspired by the black streaks of this stone. The design of a central and two sides wade as well as a central atrium with a span of more than 50 meters has given the complex a unique beauty. The existence of a central atrium has addressed the need for multiple columns in addition to creating a platform for natural light entry. Multiple columns in commercial complexes hinder store visibility. The use of two suspended bridges to guide visitors to the complex on floors one, two and three have doubled the beauty of the complex. The use of 48 escalators and 19 elevators makes the pleasure of visiting the complex more than before.

Iran Mall Lake Complex

Iran Mall Lake Complex

Lake Complex, commercial, parking lots under the Lake Iran Mall
The project manager and architect is Pedram Amnzadeh. Iran’s grand bazaar, which today is known as Iran Mall, is one of the emerging promenades of Iranians that has been built and exploited in Tehran. Located in the west of Tehran and between Tehran and Karaj metropolises, this shopping mall is now one of the most important choices of any Iranian to spend leisure time. Iran Mall was built near Chitgar Lake and is considered one of Tehran’s 22st districts. The land allocated to the Iran Mall project is 27 hectares.

Other projects

Daros Residential Complex in Tehran – Residential Complex of Tabriz Roshdieh Town – Arghavan Residential Tower in Tabriz – Aras Free Zone Billiard Equipment Factory – Zahir al-Islam Commercial Complex in Tehran – Kashan Mall Commercial And Recreational Hotel Project – The last floor of Espinas hotel – 6th NegArestan Residential Building in Pasdaran, Tehran – Persian Mall Commercial Recreational

Hotel Project of Asalueh

And all of this is Pedram Amnzadeh smart measures, the CEO of Vista Vision Sapra Consulting Engineers Co. He established Vista Vision Sapra Consulting Engineers in the field of architecture and interior design. The company is very successful in the field of architecture and interior design, it has been made possible by the authoritative management of Pedram Amnzadeh.

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