The Computer Consulting Business: Communicating the advantage of MAKING USE OF YOUR Services


In the computer consulting business, dead-end solutions can be extremely expensive mistakes for the prospects or clients. So, start by pointing out how scalable your proposed network will undoubtedly be.

Communicate the Options

Discuss server hardware and OS/NOS selection and detail how, as you add more RAM, faster processors, SCSI or RAID hard disk drive controllers and multiple processors, performance continues to scale up. Explain how your personal computer consulting business? prospects and clients can get a tremendous power boost with relatively low cost, by doing incremental hardware upgrades on servers running the answer you?ve proposed.

Then talk up available choices for your prospects or clients later on. Small business owners, as entrepreneurs, are a pretty optimistic group. So they?ll want to make certain their IT investments are in sync with their visions of future company growth.

The Growth Path

Highlight how your personal computer consulting business? proposed network solution offers a very well defined growth way to more application-rich platforms. Then, reiterate what sort of Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/XP “server”, on the other hand, severely limits your networking options.

A Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/XP “server” could be adequate for some very limited file and printer sharing, nonetheless it?s definitely not an excellent platform for adding high-performance relational database or messaging applications.

As company IT needs evolve, how much files can really spiral out of control if the networking solution can?t keep up. So always highlight how the proposed networking solution and centralizing data really helps to protect IT investments by maintaining version control.

A Networking Solution Can Reduce Confusion

With a decentralized peer-to-peer network, there could be multiple, conflicting versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel data files for instance. Whether these files are passed around on disk or distributed on different users? “servers”, a well-designed client/server network, with consistent naming conventions and a coherent share and folder structure goes a long way toward preventing confusion.

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